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"...Exceptionally attentive to details, he excels at identifying and implementing creative solutions to process-related issues that produce greater efficiencies, higher quality communications and more effective delivery of time-sensitive electronic communications..."

Russ Raman
Marketing Manager

Methods for Internet and Website Development

There are four simple steps to the process for delivering Internet solutions, including:

Discovery allows us to work with the client organization to learn more about the vision and mission of the organization, the operations, existing technologies and more. Typical Discovery engagements include interviews of key stakeholders, a review of metrics, and an analysis of the site's search engine readiness. Additional discovery tasks include defining the key functions of the site. A summary report is provided to clients outlining all of the findings that were made during discovery.

Design incorporates several different stages, including Mood Boarding - where color preferences and visual design options are examined - and style - which fonts will be used and where. This is followed by a sketching phase -where the site's "wireframes" (i.e., templates) are developed. Sample pages are built and the site design locked in.

Once the design is locked in, the development team begins its work to program the site according to the design specifications. Througout Development, testing and correction is paramount. As various development stages are complete, the client is guided through User Acceptance and Quality Assessment steps.

Deployment is the process of launching the website or other online service. During deployment, client staff members are trained on techniques for maintaining the site.

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